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Koi Fish PLR Ezine

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Includes: Extra Titles, Extra Opening & Closing Paragraphs, Extra Paragraphs, and ClickBank Ads

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12-Day PLR Ezine:

  1. Brief Introduction To Koi Ponds
  2. Essential Koi Pond Supplies You Should Consider Investing In
  3. Basics Of Keeping Koi
  4. Purchasing The Koi For Your Pond
  5. Joining Koi Communities Online
  6. Keeping Your Koi Pond Clean
  7. Choosing Plants For Your Koi Water Garden
  8. Koi Population Control
  9. Do’s And Don’ts Of Keeping A Koi Pond
  10. KHV, The Koi Herpes Virus
  11. Hand Feeding Your Koi
  12. Maintaining Your Koi Pond Through Any Weather